OPTI-FREE PureMoist (3x240 ml)

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OPTI-FREE* PureMoist* Multifunction disinfectant solution for silicone hydrogel and other soft contact lenses.

Please read this user guide carefully and keep it for future reference!

EFFECTS: When OPTI-FREE PureMoist solution is used as directed:

  • Cleans: cleans your lenses by removing proteins and fats during disinfection and storage.

  • Disinfects: biocompatible, POLYQUAD and ALDOX* disinfectants destroy harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and Acanthamoeba.

  • Rinses: used as needed to rinse or moisten contact lenses.

  • Storage: after disinfection, it is designed to store lenses for up to 30 days.

Thanks to the HydraGlyde* wetting matrix, it provides all-day comfortable wear: the matrix binds moisture to the lens and ensures all-day hydration. The lens is surrounded by a moisture cushion, so your eyelids glide over the lens surface without irritation.

With daily use of OPTI-FREE* PureMoist solution, there is no need to use other enzymatic cleansers. Do not store your lenses in saline solution instead of OPTI-FREE PureMoist as it does not have a disinfectant effect..

Always wash and rinse your hands before touching your contact lenses.
Always clean, rinse and disinfect the lenses removed from your eyes.
Always start with the same side lens - left or right - to avoid mixing lenses. After use, pour out the contents of the lens case, rinse with OPTI-FREE PureMoist solution, leave open and allow to air dry (do not rinse the lens case with tap water).

1. Thoroughly wet both sides of the lenses with OPTI-FREE PureMoist solution.
2. Rub the lenses for 20 seconds.
2. Rinse both sides of the lenses with OPTI-FREE PureMoist solution for 10 seconds.
3. Leave the lenses in the sealed case overnight or for at least 6 hours. If any deposits are left on the contact lenses, rinse the lenses with OPTI-FREE PureMoist solution before application. Your lenses can be stored for 30 days in a sealed case containing OPTI-FREE Pure Moist solution. After 30 days, clean and disinfect your lenses again with OPTI-FREE PureMoist solution before fitting.
Follow the instructions of your eye care professional at all times.
Do not change your lens care routine or solution without first consulting your eye care professional.


Ingredients: OPTI-FREE PureMoist is a sterile, buffered, aqueous solution containing sodium citrate, sodium chloride, boric acid, sorbitol, aminomethylpropanol, sodium EDTA, two wetting agents (TETRONIC 13041 and HydraGlyde wetting matrix (EOBO-418 - polyoxyethylene-polyoxybutylene), and 0.001% POLYQUAD (polyquaternium-1) and 0.0006% ALDOX (miristamidopropyl dimethylamine) preservatives.

HydraGlyde wetting matrix is a unique, multifunctional, so-called block copolymer primarily designed for wetting and lubricating silicone hydrogel lenses. TETRONIC is a registered trademark of BASF.

Proposal from: For the daily cleaning, wetting, rinsing, anti-fat deposit, protein and grease removal, chemical (non-thermal) disinfection and storage of silicone hydrogel and other soft (hydrophilic) contact lenses; on the advice of a professional.

CONTRAINDICATIONS (Contraindications for use):Contraindicated in case of allergy to the ingredients.

WARNINGS: To ensure the correct use and handling of contact lenses and contact lens care products, including lens wearers, it is essential that you follow the instructions of your practitioner and the instructions for use. If you experience prolonged discomfort, increased tearing, visual disturbances, or redness of the eye, remove your contact lenses IMMEDIATELY and consult a professional as symptoms may worsen

Use fresh OPTI-FREE Pure Moist solution at all times.
Never reuse the solution in the storage case.

Do not use if the safety packaging is damaged, missing or if the tamper-evident cap is damaged.
To prevent contamination, never touch the dropper of the bottle to any surface. 
Retighten cap after use
Do not store below 15°C. Do not store above 30°C.
Out of use, keep the bottle tightly closed.
Only use within the indicated expiry date.
Pour out any remaining solution six months after opening.  
Keep out of the reach of children!  
Do not use for heat disinfection.


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